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18 May 2011

Technology and traditional cultures

Since the 18th century, technology has been moving forward without an interval. And at the same time it is understandable that the traditions have also changed at a similar spead. The controversy is wether there is a relationship between technology and traditional cultures.
                First and foremost, the cultures of each country have experienced serious changes largely due to globalization. As the introduction of internet, communication has got much easier. As a result people all over the world have connections to each other, along with the fact that social web sites such as facebook has got populer all over the globe. If someone wonders wether the cultures and traditions have changed, changed music genres can be given as a perfect example. But there is always a question mark next to the statement “this change of traditions and culutures is good”
                A country can never be alone in the modern world. Each and every country has to have relationship with the other countries. This change of cultures have never been one sided. In eastern countries like india and china the western costumes and living styles can always be seen. In fact, english has become a part of there languages, while eastern influence can also be seen in western countries.
                On the other hand, a culture can never be constant. The cultures all over the world are fairly similler comparing to the cultures that had been a century ago. This factor allows the world community to interact easily as well as this discourages the racial issues being happened in some parts of the earth. In addition , it can provide positive attitudes towards the economical activities through out the world. For an example, most of the countries have restaurents belong to  different nationalities.
                All in all, it is clear the fact that there is a relationship between culture and technology. And this cultural change can effect possitively towards upcoming global issues.

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