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03 July 2012

Malaysian mornings

Nasi Lemak
Unlike in my home country, Sri lanka, it take a while to sunrise here in Malaysia. But mornings become annoying if you get out of the house after 8.30 and search for transportation source. Don’t ruine your day arguing with taxi drivers. It is useless; you can never win the argument. It is scorching hot here! Yes Hotter than Colombo. So the best option is to wake up early (if possible; :p), and start your day at around 7 am. Mammak stalls are easily approachable and you can have Hoppers or string hoppers for breakfast. (Yes, not for dinner but for breakfast). Or the local favourite, Nasi lemak is another option if you are familiar with spicy food. As it passes 8.30 the roads become jam packed with vehicles and constant blocks have to be expected. On top of that, you the sun will give you a head ache. It gets hotter as the day goes on. In this country, Rain is never predictable. So, be prepared. Air conditioning is a must if you stay in Malaysia, otherwise you will literally, burn to death.