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04 March 2014

T20 world cup 2014 predictions

1.       A great upset

Few extra associate nations are taking part in the competition. And most of these countries have had a fair bit of exposure against test playing nations in the recent past. Therefore, there is a possibility of an upset somewhere down the line. Ireland and Afghanistan can be named as the sides that have the ability to cause an upset. Especially, Afghans seem to have a chance of beating Bangladesh in the qualifiers. If this happens, they should qualify to the next stage and possible threaten non Asian teams given quality of their bowling and the exposure and experience they have gained from the ongoing Asia cup.

2.       A penalty for an Indian player.

Controversial, yet possible given the behavior of some of the players in the team. Virat Kholi could be the spot light in this arena despite him being an excellent batsman.

3.       Impact of the toss

Given the fact that the competition is taking place in South Asia, unfortunately dew is expected to play a role. Teams would be tempted to field first most of the time.
4.       A match finishes with the super over.
T20Is have had many ties that has gone through to super over. Given the number of matches being played, prospect of a super over comes alive. The previous world cups also have had super over deciders and it would make the tournament much interesting with such close games.

5.       Spinners’ Impact

Again since the competition takes place in the south Asian sub-continent, spinners are expected to do more damage compared to their fast bowling counter-parts. Ajantha Mendis or Sunil Narayan are prime contenders as far as the bowling of the tournament is concerned. Most of the young players from the non-Asian team have not faced them much.

6.       A record to be broken

Possible the fastest century record could be broken considering the flat tracks. Highest team score could also be broken in the cause given the fact that a lot of associate nation take place in the competition.

7.       The surprise award

Player of the tournament award could be given to a younger player or a surprise player. T20s are full of surprises.

8.       D/L method in action

With the summer coming in Bangladesh, Sudden rains are expected.

9.       Big three impact

There is a possibility of big three being knocked out of the tournament prior to the knock out stages. India is all out of sorts in the Asia cup. However, Dhoni’s inclusion will add some sort of stability to the team. Yet there bowling is below par, especially in the slog overs. On the other hand, Australia will find it difficult to score in relatively slow pitches and given the teams in their group this becomes a bigger possibility. England has not had the best results in the recent past and they would struggle again in slow pitches that assist slower bowlers. However, out of these three teams, Australia has the best chance of coming into the semi finals.

10.   The Asian effect

At least one Asian team is expected to be qualified for the finals. This is possible considering the fact that the tournament’s location and the way the shortest format suit the Asian teams. Currently three out of top four teams in the ICC T20 rankings are Asian teams. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are the most likely teams in this competition. Possibly South Africa, Sri lanka, Pakistan and west indies would qualify for the semi finals.

Leave a comment and express your ideas. Most of these predictions are very controversial, yet possible. critisisms are welcome.