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20 March 2012

A word on Leadership

Leadership is the steering wheel of a vehicle; a helm of a ship, which directs the rest of the body. For example, in an organization’s hierarchy there are various break downs and each has to handle these wheels. The only difference is that when you drive you can use a GPS gadget in order to direct you, but as a leader in real life correct directions and roots can only be identified with aspects like experience, knowledge and intelligence. The recognition could be an asset but what you have to bear in mind is that expectations are also endless. Responsibility can give you sleepless nights and suggestions can make things complicated. When you put a thread in to a needle, what matters is whether you have the eye on the correct goal. You can be a hero by achieving something blindly and you can be criticized for failing after doing the right thing.  After all, what matters is what your own knowledge’s and intelligence’s feedback regarding your decision, and if you have gathered some sort of an experience or knowledge, that should be the ultimate plus despite the end result. Good leaders do make mistakes, but they don’t repeat them.

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